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The best prevention is not allowing the tartar deposits to appear. Some advice for you:

  • Brush your teeth regularly – twice a day for at least 2 minutes. A common 30-second toothbrushing is not able to remove the plaque film and tartar deposits. Using a soft-fibre brush is the optimal choice to be able to clean thoroughly each tooth. Some studies have resulted in favor of electric toothbrushes for better plaque removal than mechanical ones.
  • Getting toothpaste containing fluoride aids in repairing the tooth enamel.
  • Teeth thread usage – it is the only way to cleanse in-between spaces and remove the plaque.
  • Rinse daily – use antiseptic mouthwash in your daily routine to extract the left bacteria that cause plaque deposits.
  • Mind your dietary routine – Exposure to sugar and starch-rich food increases the level of acids in your mouth. The low-sugar diet leads to better oral health. A good practice would be to brush your teeth after a meal and to try consuming enough water afterward.
  • Reduce smoking – studies show that smoking increases the risk of tartar deposits.
Brush your teeth regularly