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Cosmetic dentistry is the best and optimal solution for improving your aesthetic look when it comes to a damaged or genetically defective tooth. Especially popular are dental crowns and veneers. Making the right choice requires some research in advance to mark the advantages and disadvantages of all options.

dental crowns and the veneers

Differences between the dental crowns and the veneers:

Both intend to cover the front side of the teeth, so before putting the aesthetic layer on your natural tooth, some prework would be needed in the area.

  • The crowns are adapted to such an extent that they perfectly mimic the natural surface of the dentin, covering the entire natural tooth.
  • The veneer is a thin tooth cover made of porcelain, placed only on the visible front and lateral side of the tooth. The prework for the veneers is insignificant, and the natural tooth is not filled completely.

The crowns and the veneers with their aesthetic appearance and easy-to-do placement offer excellent coverage of the visible area of the teeth. Coming to the price, their value is almost equal. Furthermore, considering the restorable chewing function of the crowns, they are widely used in general dentistry as well.

Patients’ Feedback:

Full satisfaction is observed regarding the performance and the aesthetic look of dental crowns and veneers. According to the online patient statistics, the crowns are much preferable because of their perfect natural feel match. However, the decision should be made personally after a consultation with your dentist.

crowns and veneers