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Dr. Carolina Bachova

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Endodontic treatment, also known as root canal treatment, is a procedure performed to save a tooth that is affected by tooth decay or other diseases of the dental pulp. Unlike in the past when tooth extraction was often necessary, today we have the knowledge and techniques to save them.
Types of endodontic treatments include root canal treatment, pulpitis treatment, granuloma treatment, and more. Each tooth contains one central canal and between one and four additional canals.

Inflammation causes intense pain and often leads to unbearable discomfort.

During the procedure, the endodontist removes the soft tissue inside the tooth that contains nerve fibers and blood vessels. If the pulp is not necrotic, a local anesthetic is used. To isolate the tooth from saliva, cotton rolls or a rubber dam, which covers only the problematic tooth, are placed. Using a dental drill, an opening is made, reaching the pulp. It is carefully removed, and temporary medication is placed in its place to eliminate bacterial infection. The tooth is sealed with a temporary filling, which is left to act for a certain period of time to prevent future infections.
During the next visit, the temporary filling is removed, and the canals are filled with a material called gutta-percha. A post is placed to mimic the pulp, and the tooth is closed.

Ендодонтско (вътрешно) лечение

At Saliev Dental Care Clinic, we use the most advanced methods and techniques to ensure maximum precision:

Изваждане на счупен инструмент в канал - др. Бачова
  •  Magnification loupes: for detecting additional canals (often missed even on X-ray images), removal of broken instruments, and bypassing curved and narrow canals.
  • Endomotor: machine-assisted (not manual) canal widening, to effectively remove infected pulp and old fillings. It saves valuable time and allows access to narrow and previously treated canals.
  • In addition to root canal treatment, we use the most advanced endo activators – devices for ultrasonic activation of disinfecting irrigating solutions, to eliminate the pathogenic endodontic microflora.
    Warm condensation: filling of the root canal system through optimal vertical condensation with warm gutta-percha, to achieve three-dimensional obturation of the canals, including lateral canals.
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Кореново лечение

Кореново лечение - др. Бачова

Лечение на флуороза

Лечение на флуороза- др. Бачова

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