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Dr. Violeta Velcheva

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You have always wanted to have a perfect smile, but your profession requires frequent interaction with people, and you worry about traditional braces. No problem! Braces now have an “invisible” alternative. Aligners are almost unnoticeable and more aesthetically pleasing. They are made of a fine, completely transparent material. Wearing them is comfortable. If you are ready for a smile that will completely transform your appearance, Smilers® aligners are an excellent choice.

Three easy steps to your desired smile!

1. Diagnosis: Examination and consultation

2. Treatment plan: Once the orthodontist confirms that the treatment is suitable for you, X-rays and dental impressions will be taken. They will be used to create a 3D treatment plan called ClinCheck, tailored to your individual needs.

3. Treatment and monitoring: Smilers® aligners are custom-made according to an individual plan and gradually move the teeth to the correct position, applying constant gentle pressure on them. Your smile becomes more attractive with each passing day. Check-ups are scheduled every 6-8 weeks for the orthodontist to monitor the treatment from start to finish.

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Why choose Smilers® with Dr. Violeta Velcheva?

Dr. Violeta Velcheva is a certified provider of the Smilers® system, with a specialty in Orthodontics.

To achieve excellent results, aligners alone are not enough. The success of the treatment depends entirely on the plan created by the orthodontist. By combining accumulated knowledge, skills, and experience in traditional orthodontics with fixed appliances (braces, etc.), we integrate them with the latest innovations in “invisible” orthodontics. This way, we achieve perfect aesthetics and uncompromising precision.


During the treatment, you can speak and smile with confidence.

They are invisible, removable, and made of safe medical-grade transparent plastic, which you wear on your teeth for a specific period of time. The production process combines the treating orthodontist’s knowledge of diagnosing the condition, treatment approaches, and the biomechanics of tooth movement with modern computer-aided design technology for treatment planning. Smilers® utilizes computer 3D/CAD-CAM technology to virtually move misaligned teeth, create a plan, and monitor the entire treatment from start to finish. This allows you to see an approximate representation of your smile at the end of the treatment. Based on this plan, a series of clear aligners are produced, customized for each patient. Each aligner gradually moves the teeth, worn for 1-2 weeks before the next one is placed.
The result is perfectly aligned teeth without discomfort. Thanks to our many years of experience, continuous education, and improvement, we offer patients convenient, efficient, and fast treatment for even the most complex orthodontic cases.

How do aligners move the teeth?

Through a series of transparent aligners, which the patient usually changes weekly. Each aligner moves the teeth in millimeters and degrees, precisely determined by the orthodontist in the treatment plan to achieve an ideal occlusion. This way, the teeth are aligned predictably and scientifically, almost imperceptibly, and in the shortest possible time.

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Advantages of aligners:

Aesthetic. Smilers® aligners are practically invisible, so no one will notice that you are wearing them.

Customized. The orthodontist takes impressions of your teeth, and through computer 3D modeling, your individual aligners for teeth straightening are produced. The aligners are designed to apply the necessary pressure at the right place and time.

Effective. The teeth straightening will begin from the very beginning, and you will enjoy a more attractive smile with each passing day.

Predictable results. You will know what the end result will be and exactly how long you will wear the aligners from the very beginning of the treatment.


Fast. The duration of the treatment is individual for each patient. On average, aligner treatment lasts between 3 and 9 months for milder cases and up to 12-18 months for more severe cases.

Removable. The exceptional convenience of this system is that it can be removed whenever you want – to eat, clean your teeth, or for special occasions. This way, there is no need to avoid certain foods.

Hygienic. Smilers® are easy to clean, allowing for uncompromised oral hygiene, including the use of dental floss, which is much more difficult with traditional teeth straightening methods. They can be easily cleaned with a brush and water.

Comfortable. Without metal brackets, hooks, and wires.

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