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Dear patients,

If you suffer from bleeding gums, bad breath, wobbly and visibly elongated teeth, you probably have periodontitis and need urgent treatment!
Untreated gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) eventually develops into periodontitis.

The factors that cause it are:

Poor oral hygiene. This is the most important and essential factor. If the plaque is not cleaned regularly, it causes long-term inflammation of the gums, reaching all the way to the bone.
Hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause. It even turns out that 30% of pregnant women get periodontal disease and this increases the chances of the baby being born prematurely.
Smoking. Numerous scientific studies have shown that smokers suffer from periodontitis more often and the disease is more severe in them, and treatment is more difficult than in non-smokers. If you get rid of this bad habit, you help not only your lungs, but also your teeth!
Diabetes (diabetes mellitus). Poorly controlled diabetes in combination with neglected oral care inevitably leads to deterioration of the gums and bones. That is why patients with diabetes must maintain excellent oral hygiene.

The symptoms of periodontitis are:
Bad breath
Visible red and / or swollen gums
Bleeding gums
Pain when chewing
Withdrawal of the gums from the teeth
Sensitive teeth

Dear patients, if these symptoms are familiar to you, do not waste time, take action now! Make an appointment for an examination and consultation.