What is our work model?

When performing a primary review and consultation at our clinic, we will need orthopantomography or a so-called panoramic X-ray image to diagnose your current problems, so that we can offer you treatment options and explain you the duration of the particular manipulations and of the overall treatment.

For a more precise diagnosis, a gypsum model is taken from the two jaws, which will provide us the necessary information where the problematic and risky areas of your teeth are. This is an important step if implants or constructions of any type are going to be placed.

Photo documentation and Photo diagnostics – we keep archive on your case in order to accurately track your condition during and after the Once photodiagnosis is done, an individual design of your future smile can be prepared and you can be actively participating in the process.

* Diagnosis of the blood picture or consultations with specialists in other areas of medicine may be needed when conducting surgical interventions.