Erhan Saliev

Karolina Bachova

Marchela Teofilova

Mihaela Rashkova

Nikos Stamoulis

Petia Durankeva

Silvia Stoyanova

Violeta Velcheva


Saliev Dental Care Ltd. is a dental practice with a 3 year history. Our team is built up of ambitious people in search of the new and the innovative, not only in the treatment process, but also in the relationships with the patients.

Our practice has two modernly equipped dental chairs, X-ray apparatus, anesthesia equipment, a photo studio for digitalized smile modeling, as well as mandatory high quality products of licensed companies.

In a pleasant and cozy atmosphere, away from the vision of a classic dentist cabinet, you can enjoy our nice coffee while reading a book and listening to nice music of your choice.

The doctors who will examine you when you need them are Dr. Nikos Stamoulis, Dr. Violeta Velcheva and Dr. Erhan Saliev.