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The procedure intents to reshape or change the look of your teeth. It is widely used in treating big in-between spaces, colorations, teeth cracks, and microfractures.


The sequence of the procedure is:

  • Choosing the suitable color of the material for your natural teeth.
  • Cleanse and polish the teeth’ surface
  • The treated tooth is processed with a bonding material placed in layers and lighted with a photopolymer lamp.
  • After the fixation of the material, the tooth is reshaped and polished to obtain the necessary smoothness and shine just like the natural teeth.

There are numerous benefits of this treatment method:

  • NOT time-consuming – it is performed within a single visit!
  • No anesthesia or tooth decay is needed.
  • No specific maintenance is required after the treatment, just a standard good hygiene and a dietary routine.
  • A low-budget solution for tooth restoration.
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All the above awards tooth bonding with one of the first places in the most preferable procedures for obtaining a Hollywood smile!